Advice for the next generation

Phew! I’ve just got back from a whistle-stop visit to the other end of the country for my gorgeous little niece’s Christening. The travelling was exhausting, but it was fantastic to have a big family get-together. While we all tucked into lunch, my sister put up a wooden ‘wishing tree’ and invited the guests to […]

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Ice, ice baby

  If I’m going to get all wholesome in the garden, I like there to be a drink at the end of it. I’ve already written about how I created a fruit liqueur using cherries from our tree. Now I’ve found a way to brighten up cheap cocktails. We received some borage seeds as a […]

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“Oh, for f***’s sake,” I snapped to myself at the cashpoint. In the process of getting money out, I had somehow tipped up my purse and let all my bank cards scatter over the city-centre street. When I bent to pick them up, more cards fell out. Then the umbrella handle I was precariously balancing […]

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