Tune Tuesdays: Lost Property

So, it’s Tune Tuesday again and here’s a lovely little song about how possessions come to mean so much to us: Lost Property by The Divine Comedy.

Possessions of a sentimental kind: they were mine, now they’re not.

It’s about stuff he has mislaid over the years, but would equally apply to items ditched in haste, which is something I have to say I worry about as I try to shed so many of my belongings.

Interestingly, one of the items I had been reluctant to get rid of till now is a t-shirt from this very tour. Maybe I’ll be reunited with it in a dream someday?

2 thoughts on “Tune Tuesdays: Lost Property

  1. Hi Claire, been enjoying your blog this morning, and had to comment here as I love this song too. They also have another song which inspires me to live lightly and get rid of unwanted stuff – ‘Count Grassi’s Passage Over Piedmont’, which has lyrics about throwing a luxury picnic out of a hot air balloon in order to be less weighed down : “Liverwurst, Battenburg, Emmenthal, Syllabub, Muscadet / Throw it all away, we need more height!” – what a great image! I think about that all the time.

    1. Claire says:

      Your stuff literally weighing you down. I love it. Think that’s given me the excuse I need to finally buy Victory for the Comic Muse.

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