Tune Tuesdays: Bessie Smith

It’s worth reminding myself just how lucky I am.

I may be battling heaps of debt, but I’ve got a good credit record and have (so far) always been able to afford to put food on the table and a roof over my head.

The cost of my mortgage is less than a fifth of my take-home pay, which is pretty comfortable to be honest.

If the worst ever came to the worst and I lost my job, I have a supportive family who I’m sure would step in with all the help they could afford to give, as I would with them.

I got myself into debt through wanting to buy extravagant things, like post-graduate courses and nearly-new cars. Not through being exploited by payday lenders or having to pay over-the-odds for energy on a prepayment meter because I was on a low income.

A lot of people have things a lot tougher, and in their honour, here’s Bessie Smith singing about the horror of finding the bailiffs’ notice on the door, in the House Rent Blues.

One thought on “Tune Tuesdays: Bessie Smith

  1. Claire,
    Thanks for acknowledging the privilege inherent in “first world” minimalism. We may have too much stuff and debts or other obligations weighing us down in terms of what we’d like to accomplish/enjoy in life, but it’s good to acknowledge that our situation is a far cry from folks just trying to pay rent (and just how hard it is to pay down debt/go interest free when we don’t have at least SOME cash to play with).
    Love your perspective!

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