Inspiring podcasts about travel, freedom and relationships

palm treeI’m pretty goddamn excitable about a few things right now. Minimalism, beating debt, living on less, travel, gathering a ‘fuck you’ financial freedom fund, this blog – don’t even get me started.

The trouble is, I have a tendency to spend far too much of my time checking out all these various things online. And if you have a job where you spend your day sat in front of a computer screen, doing exactly the same on your evenings and days off can make you feel a bit stagnant.

Sometimes my wife can come back from a day out to find me exactly where she left me: sat in the armchair in the corner of the living room with the laptop on my lap and a large pile of empty snack wrappers next to me. She gives me that ‘Er, have you even moved today?’ look. It is not a good look to get.

But I’ve found another way! I’m properly getting into podcasts right now. I can geek out to my heart’s content, but my eyes get a break from those awful screens and I can be up and doing something else at the same time. Like earning brownie points by doing the ironing. Take that, wifey.

Here are some of my current favourites:

Extra Pack of Peanuts

Travis talks about travelling more and spending less. Good man.

Mad FIentist

This fella will get you fired up about the idea of financial independence in no time, as he interviews people living the stupidly-early-retirement dream.

The Mind Palace

Hang out with Jessica and Melissa as they have cerebral, transatlantic chats about anything from freedom to whether Paris Hilton is a minimalist.

Death, Sex and Money

Anna asks the questions most people shy away from in polite society. I particularly enjoyed the interview with the legend that is Bill Withers.

The Listening Project

A bit off-topic in terms of this blog, but I love it nonetheless. Everyday people with extraordinary stories are captured in conversation. I came across this in the old-fashioned way, on the radio in my car. I have been known to blub along with some of the more emotional ones.

Anyone else got any recommendations?

I can’t go without acknowledging the huge response I’ve had after being featured as ‘real life minimalist’ of the week on the fantastic site Miss Minimalist. I’ve had some lovely comments and more than 10,000 hits on this blog in just four days. I’ve been blown away. If you haven’t checked out her site before, I recommend taking a look.

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words about The Mind Palace! Honestly, too kind. We are so glad our ramblings are adding value. Plus, I’m a bit of a podcast connoisseur so you can bet I’ll be checking out your other recommendations. Best, Jess

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