I’ve done a very silly thing


There’s one thing I never plan for: making a really, really idiotic mistake.

How’s this for stupid: taking a break from a long car journey to stop in at a crowded cafe for lunch, then walking out without your bag, phone and purse, getting in your car and not even noticing you left your stuff behind until you’ve got home, nearly 200 miles away?

I really have excelled myself this time.

I’ve had to give everything up for lost. Being a broke (aspiring) minimalist means I don’t have a spare bag or purse, so this week I’ve been replacing my lost items with a kind of mad, resentful grimace on my face, which I’m sure has alarmed one or two shop assistants.

I’ve also had to go through the hassle of calling the phone company and banks to get my sim blocked and cards stopped.

And do you know what, I have found out the hard way that I really need to simplify my finances. I lost count of all the credit cards I had to cancel, and I’m pretty sure there were three different current accounts I had to sort out as well. It was a massive hassle.

I have had to pay cash for everything all week, until my new bank cards arrived. I felt decidedly nervous going out and about with just a few quid in notes and no phone to boot. I kept worrying about what I would do if my car broke down. It was all pretty unsettling.

Looking on the bright side, my stuff wasn’t worth much – it’s cost maybe £100 to replace it all. The fact I write a blog called ‘Want Less’ may have given you a clue that my handbag was unlikely to be a Prada one and my phone was definitely no iPhone 6s. A stroke of luck meant neither my keys nor my glasses were in my bag too. They would have been a real pain to replace.

But in future I must remember to budget for stupidity. I never know when it will strike me.

3 thoughts on “I’ve done a very silly thing

  1. Nat says:

    Oh no, sounds like a right pain. That’s the sort of thing that I could do though. Minimalism is definitely helpful in this scenario. I used to have a few credit cards, but own just one now that I use for air miles. Hope all is back to normal for now.

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