The 30-day minimalism challenge: Part three

Get out the bleedin’ bunting, I’ve only gone and finished the MinsGame! I feel like I need some kind of fanfare – perhaps the music that plays when Sonic the Hedgehog defeats Dr Robotnik.

You may remember, I’d been struggling to get rid of an increasing number of things every day. So much so, I’d started to dredge up rusty nails from the outhouse.

You may also remember I’d recently tried and failed to sort out all my old childhood stuff in my parents’ house and left behind one box of crap to go through another day.

So… (and no prizes for guessing what happened next) I drove to their house to pick up the box, thinking there would be some wonderful loot in there that would help me in my quest. And it worked a dream. I stormed through the last ten days. Here’s how it went.


21 old music magazines


22 random things 
(If you’re wondering about the woollen item, it’s a jumper for a bottle, of course)


23 school art projects


24 letters and cards


25 miscellaneous bits of paper


26 childhood certificates (for achievements like ‘turning up to things’, ‘going on school trips’ and ‘raising a piss-poor amount of money for charity’)


27 boring documents about taking out a student loan


(And I was a bit loath to share these but) 28, 29 and 30 are all slightly embarrassing pop culture cards and postcards I collected when I was about 13. I had some questionable taste.

So there you have it. I won’t lie, I feel pretty good about getting through this, and I’ve now been gleefully throwing things in the recycling and the bin. There’s another pile to take to the charity shop when I get the chance.

I won’t pretend playing this game is easy. But it does completely change your mindset. You end up looking at all the objects in your house in a new way: it forces you into considering ditching things you otherwise wouldn’t.


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8 thoughts on “The 30-day minimalism challenge: Part three

  1. Lovemydogs says:


    You rock! I posted a comment when you went and left that box at your mom’s place, which bummed me out a bit, and now you’ve gone and completely surprised me by getting it and dealing with it! You definitely deserve some kind of a song of triumph here! How ’bout the theme to “Rocky”?

  2. Woot woot! Virtual high fives and fist bumps comin’ to ya from an unseasonably warm (not complaining ) and rather blustery (blech) Cape Town. Well done Claire. 🙂

  3. Well done. I’m on Day 16 of the #minsgame now. I probably should have played this game a few years ago when I started to minimize my possessions. I got rid of about 1/3 of my possessions last year. By the time Day 20 arrives, I’m going to have difficulty finding stuff to chuck — I think. But maybe not. I am uncovering all kinds of crap I was still holding onto, even now.

    1. Thanks Jeffrey 🙂 Yep, it sounds like you’ll run into the same difficulties I did! But at least you’re a pro at getting rid of stuff now. That makes it easier.

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