The obligatory New Year post

Ah, the New Year.

I’ll spare you the trite summaries of 2016, the hopelessly optimistic aims for 2017 and the boring run-down of the tiresome New Year’s resolutions.

Instead, I’ll say a big thank-you to you all for sticking around for another year and a big welcome for anyone who discovered Want Less in the past twelve months.

For anyone new to this site, here are some of my favourite posts of 2016 which should bring you bang-up-to-date:

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There will be some minor changes afoot here in 2017. I’m bringing my semi-regular Tune Tuesdays to a close (mainly because I’m running out of tunes about money or possessions to feature) so even though it’s not a Tuesday today, please indulge me as I feature not one, not two but three tunes to round off the series.

Firstly, Jungle’s fabulous Busy Earnin’ goes out to anyone who’s ever needed a reminder that there’s more to life than making money, myself included:

Damn, that’s a boring life
It’s quite busy earnin’
You can’t get enough

And now, for something completely different: Porter Wagoner’s Satisfied Mind. This song harnesses the wisdom of Stoic philosophy, reminding us that true wealth lies in being content with what you have. It was perhaps most famously sung by Johnny Cash but here’s a nice performance by Robert Plant and the Band of Joy:

The wealthiest person is a pauper at times
Compared to the man with a satisfied mind

And let’s mix it up again for the last track. Anyone remember Papa Roach off of the early 2000s? I wonder what those chaps are up to these days. I assume it won’t be shopping, listening to this Fight Club-inspired, anti-materialist song of theirs from 2002, Between Angels and Insects:

Money, possession, obsession,
I don’t need that s***

A new semi-regular feature will be emerging shortly. Watch this space…

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