Tune Tuesdays: Lost Property

So, it’s Tune Tuesday again and here’s a lovely little song about how possessions come to mean so much to us: Lost Property by The Divine Comedy.

Possessions of a sentimental kind: they were mine, now they’re not.

It’s about stuff he has mislaid over the years, but would equally apply to items ditched in haste, which is something I have to say I worry about as I try to shed so many of my belongings.

Interestingly, one of the items I had been reluctant to get rid of till now is a t-shirt from this very tour. Maybe I’ll be reunited with it in a dream someday?

Saying goodbye to sentimental items


Here’s the next haul of stuff gone from our lives. I realised I was hanging onto a lot of these things for sentimental reasons. The really awesome Lego bag that I bought during a fantastic trip to Berlin, but never use, the Divine Comedy t-shirt I bought on the night I met Neil Hannon and the tote that was a thank-you from a charity for running the Great North Run – all items I didn’t want to say goodbye to until now.

Sometimes the hardest things to let go of are the ones that spark memories of great holidays, concerts or achievements. And I don’t buy that platitude that the memories don’t lie in these objects, they lie in our heads. So much has come flooding back to me during my recent clear-outs, that I would otherwise have never thought about again.

So I used a tip from The Minimalists and took photos of all the sentimental items I was getting rid of. That way, I’ll still have something to jog my memory, which I find is failing me more and more now I’m in my terrifying 30s.

All these bits and bobs are bagged up and in Ruth’s car ready to be donated. Hooray.